ARCHICADD GROUP is a Manila Philippines-based group of companies providing farm out job or offshore CAD Outsourcing services located in Quezon City. Manage by dedicated professionals to provide quality customer experience in engineering and architectural CAD CATIA CAM CAE drawing, designing, drafting, CAD conversion, 2D 3D CAD modeling & rendering technical services.

We provide an accurate solutions end-to-end to our customer, back door operations and engineering support.

We have employed skilled Filipino workers, a considerable number of whom were CAD operators. Behind ARCHICADD GROUP is a ventured company with Architectural and Construction firm to use their technical knowledge and quality control methods to provide lower cost but higher precision, CAD engineering services within the stipulated span of time. Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Detection


We accept farm out job, outsourcing job and subcon job of archi CADD, drawings, drafting, and all manner of CADD drafting, architectural drafting, civil drafting, steel detailing, mechanical drafting, fabrication drawing, electrical drafting, animation and architectural illustration, and 3d modeling and rendering. The advancements of technology in the field of computers have widened the precision and creativity in the engineering and drawing industry. ARCHICADD assist architectural, electronic, electrical, mechanical, and structural organizations and engineers with a wide variety of solutions such as CADD drafting, architectural drafting, civil drafting, steel detailing, mechanical drafting, fabrication drawing, electrical drafting, animation and architectural illustration, and 3d modeling and rendering. We offer CADD services to all areas of engineering all over the world. Our services include farm out of AutoCAD, architectural drafting, CAD drafting, civil drafting, electrical drafting, mechanical drafting, fabrication / work shop drawing, Steel detailing, BIM, rebar detailing, colored elevation and plans, contract drafting, 3d modeling, product drawing, architectural illustration/presentations, construction documents, building animation, paper/scan to cad, building view, interior drawing, raster to vector, 3d rendering and animation, engineering drafting, patent drawing, 2D to 3D, cad outsourcing, 3D to 2D, MEP/ HVAC / drawing composite/ precast panel detailing, duct drawing and more……MORE


The landscapes we construct should be ecologically constructive, beautiful, built to endure and socially vital. Through an understanding of ecological, aesthetic and social variables,
we will be the solution on shape resilient ecosystems, degraded landscapes and make cities compelling for all citizens. Ecological planning and design will have greatest bearing in the urban landscape. “Green urbanism” creates evocative settings for everyday life can impart an alternative to the loss of wild landscapes and agricultural. Landscape architects must be “at the table” for both high-level decisions and grassroots on the landscape. By doing so, we will make promising inspirational and innovative places that allow a just democracy.


The quality of service and workmanship provided will meet or exceed your expectations. And will always look for a solution that is appealing and affordable for all of my customers.
Interior and exterior painting, Drywall installation and repair, Deck and Fencing, repairs and new construction, Gutter and roof cleaning, Rental property turnover maintenance,  Power washing, Exterior mildew removal, Storm Damage removal and repairs, Structural repairs Handy Man Services, Welding, fabrication and repairs…..MORE



The Solar Power & LED Light is a new concept of the 21st Century. It utilizes abundant natural energy and hence is environmentally friendly. This is a multifunctionwhich can be used to culture electricity and consume them in the night..
Solar LED light is made up of four parts: solar panel, controller, battery and light. Solar power and LED technic are the best combination for solar lights. This system has a potential power of up to 84W but only expect 67W when calculating for power consumption to avoid shortage. The battery in this system is fully charged in less than 9 hours of sunlight.


Kolobial Systems is providing custom-integrated solutions for discerning clientele who appreciate true professionalism and quality. With our knowledgeable designers, honest values and our passionate approach, you are guaranteed to experience the very best personalized customer service available.
Kolobial Systems knows your time is valuable; we go above and beyond to get the job done correctly, on time, the first time. At Kolobial Systems, we offer the following services: Home Theater/Media Rooms Whole House Audio/Video Lighting Control / Home Automation Structured Cabling Central Vacuum Consultation/Design. We have a stand alone system, the AMP NETCONNECT Home Net-Works Structured Cabling System provides for whole-house distribution of voice, data and video. All incoming signals-CATV, DSL, Cable Modem, telephone, or any other source-are fed into the AMP NETCONNECT Distribution Center (RCS) and then distributed to multimedia outlets located throughout the home. The system is designed for ease of installation and accessibility. Color-coded voice, data and video patch cords make it easy for end users to reconfigure. It provides greater bandwidth, data transmission capability and security than wireless, power-line or phone-line systems, as well as lower electronics costs. And the system is based on industry-proven wiring standards, bringing office-like performance to the high-tech home.


A home automation professional can provide home control solutions that fit any budget and home size. Basic systems are ideal for small- to mid-sized homes. These provide programmable HVAC and lighting controls for cost savings and safety, and remote access for the ultimate in convenience. Many systems are expandable, enabling you to add more capabilities and features as needed. For larger homes, systems can include touchscreen displays for easy on-site operation, and the ability to remotely manage your system from a touch-tone telephone or a computer with internet access. 

Cable & Structured Wiring, Cameras & Surveillance, Dimmers, Lighting & Appliance Control, Door Locks & Access Control, Intercoms & Phones, More Home Systems, Pet Care & Pest, Control, Remotes & IR Repeaters, Security, Sensors, Solar & Energy Savers, Speakers, A/V & Home Theater, Thermostats & HVAC Controls, and Timers & Automation.


Cable & Structured Wiring, Cameras & Surveillance, Dimmers, 

Lighting & Appliance Control, Door Locks & Access Control,

Intercoms & Phones, More Home Systems, Pet Care & Pest, Control,

Remotes & IR Repeaters, Security, Sensors, Solar & Energy Savers,

Speakers, A/V & Home Theater, Thermostats & HVAC Controls,

and Timers & Automation.



The open nature of the built volume creates natural flow of air within the building. The inlet from the roof vents on the North being at a lower level, sucks in fresh cool air and the outlets towards the south roof expels the hot air. The cavity wall and the solar chim- neys on the south enhance the natural ventilation of the building. The earth is raised towards the south (earth berm) to reduce the conduction of heat.


By creating Atrium spaces with skylights the building gets ample amount of daylight resulting in small dependency on artificial lighting during daytime.


A 5-KW peak solar photo voltaic system, integrated with the roof skylight caters to the water heating requirements of kitchen and guest rooms as well as produces electricity to support the few CFLs installed.


The runoff water from the rooftops and the paved areas gets collected at various levels in small open tanks on the terraces and finally in an underground tank (sump tank) below the garden area in the front yard. This collected rainwater is used to water the plants on the rooftops as well as in the front yard.


The ground cover, which is disturbed due to building of this structure, is replaced on rooftop, in the form of terrace garden, giving insulation to the building & reducing solar radiation. Thus the design addresses not only thermal comfort but also visual appeal and environmental issues. The five elements of nature, as described in Hindu mythology, have been well integrated in to the sys- tem of built form in this design.


Convection currents within the building through wind induced vents – use of Venturi effect


Home is Stronger with walls made of steel reinforced concrete, monolithic, your home can be made hurricane, tornado and earthquake resistant.Home is Longer. Lasting no “wood rot”…And concrete lasts for centuries. Home is Quieter. The insulation on the exterior and interior with the concrete barrier provides substantial sound reduction. Home is Climate Adjusted. An Insulated Concrete Forms concrete home has a “high thermal mass”,
which means that the solid concrete core acts as a buffer resisting temperature swings. See diagram on left for more details.


Using less energy will give you a good feeling about adding to good surrounding stewardship, it also gives you a good feeling every time you go to the bank. With energy costs climbing, highly efficient doors and windows mounted in your home or business can quickly pay for themselves by decreasing your energy bills. SeriousWindows are 200% to 400% more efficient than other rated windows, depending upon the model.