Green architecture is a means to keep the Earth’s green space. It is a means of making our home sustainable, so our home will be around for a long time. The sustainable architecture is also called Green architecture. They are both based on using less of the land and less energy.

The objective of Green architecture is to work with the surroundings. We don’t want our home to impose on the land but we want it to fit right in. Also, the materials we utilize should be replaceable if our home is sustainable.

Our home should be a peaceful place and be a calm where we can relax. It should be a place where we go to unwind, our space, or entertain guests. It should be a location that we can experience at ease raising a family in. We should feel secure that our home will be around for We grandchildren to see.

We will discover how the climate around our home affects our home and how to incorporate it. We will discover how to get the most out of our money when building or buying a home. We will also see some of the health benefits that come along with Green architecture. It’s not just better for the environment but also for us. We will discover the little things we can do to make our home more sustainable. We will discover the special types of buildings in Green architecture and the pro’s and con’s of each of them. We will discover out why some kinds of Green architecture are admired. We will discover out why exactly environmental area is essential and how to save them from disappearing. We will discover out how the environmental space around our home relate with it. We will discover out where the future is looking in regards to architecture (the changes and regulations). We will discover out the differences in some sorts of building materials. We will discover out how we have grown over the years architecturally. Finally we will discover out how to bring Green architecture to everyone.