The houses in Megamiya according to Osamu Lahii of Sainomiya City Hyogo is soil covered green buildings swhich has a high potential in recovering the nature and is important element needed in design a sustainable city. The building is designed to melt in the forest. The trees and the plants and the land form are left as it used to be, and the surface of the building is greened. The architect planted grass on the roof to make it look continuous from the garden. A building built in a forest should efface itself and this architecture which has violets and lilies in its grass and ivy and woodbine on its wall will not outstand its surroundings.

To overcome the Japanese hot and humid climate, the big openings connect the indoor to create an open environment. The poles and the walls are all made by Japan cedar and the open windows on all four sides of the wall brings in the fresh green air cooled by the forest.