This is a temporary pavilion for "Utsukushima Future Expo" of Kazuo Iwamura in Sukagawa City Fukushima. A lot of panels and models introducing the idea of "future cities in forests" were displayed in this pavilion.

Formerly, mulberry field used to spread along the slope at this site. The architect designed this pavilion remaining the landform as it was. The roof of it is covered with many colorful flowers not just to entertain the people’s eyes but to improve themal enviroment of the facility and also to hold the water briefly.The sahpe of the roofs structure is made like branches of a huge tree.The pst pole branches in to four direction and again divides it self in o smaller branches.This makes the visitors feel as they are walking in a forest.The indoor and the outdoor enviroment are harmanious.The (real) building and the (virtual) exhibition fuse together in the building and creates a world the structure of the building except the foundation,can be easily suddived and reconstructed is low emission though it is made for temporary usage.