This is a new mess production residence design that uses aluminum as the main structural material. The aim of the design is to search for the expression of an aluminum structure. As the intention is mass-production. It is the prefab system assembled only with using the panel of the factory production as a structural wall and tightening a bolt on the site,in onrder to shorten the construction time on the site and to decease the cost. Because it is possible to expand and contract freely in size by 1,200mm module. It is possible not to form itself not only as a house but to apply it to various usages and seales such as offices and stores. It is also possible to correspond to extension and rebuilding. After dismantling the 1200mm lattloe panels can be re-sed in another building without modification. As they can be used many times over,user has to lease only the number of the wall and floor panels they need. This system is aiming a new type of exchange flow in making houses and shops according to Rikan Yamamoto & Field Shop.