The International Library of Children’s Literature was founded on January 1,2000.The original building dates from 1906 and was expanded in 1926.As a typical example of Western,Renaissance-style architecture built in the Meji era
it has been designed as a metropolitan historia building by the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment. We have already had enough space to live in and a lot of spaces has started being surplus. We are consolus of ecology problem and thatwe have to stop the rash scrap & build "Refine Architecture"and has succeeded this method in many projects. The second project,gymnastics of the Yame public junior high school was built in Yame city of Fukuoka prefecture in 1961, and was refind in February 2004. The building was achieved zero-emission under the influence of Kyoto Protocol. The Double structured walls made by galberium steel reflects more than 70% of the heat is with high water proofing property, and is wall served to insulate the building.
While preserving the original form,it has been remodlad for its function as a children’s library by Tadao Ando. The design and structure of the interior and exterlar of the valuable architectural heritage has been preserved as much as possible. The builiding has also ben made earthquake-resistant to protect it from major earthquakes. The architectures of three different eras(Meji Showa and Hoisel)are united and renovated as a children’s library, which preserves its value as architectural heritage as well as developing a new function and providing a new enviroment for the public.