Sun Scoops-In addition to capturing solar energy for the building, the sun scoops also act as skylights permitting the passage of heat throughout the winter months and reflecting light in the summer. Thermal Energy Storage-The building enclosures are composed of materials which maximize its energy efficiency and saving. The thick outer walls act as thermal energy stores that regulate the temperature within the building.
Ventilation and Geothermal Energy-Underground geothermal energy is transmitted and stored in the thermal energy storage (a two-meter deep gravel pit) located underneath the building. Air from the exterior is allowed to heat up or cool, depending on the season, by passing through this energy stor- age. The heated/cooled air is then introduced into the interior spaces and building enclosure.
The Atrium and Motorised Windows-The building is maintained in positive pressure outward due air that is introduced from the exterior through the ventilation system.