The facade was realized as a curtain of mystery that, on being opened, allows one to see first a lengthy corridor covered by a pergola formed by a ribs of glass, an element that creates a play of images and light that changes with the position of the sun. This play of light, an incomparable prop- erty of the material, projects different effects on the white limestone wall that envelop the corridor until it opens out on a central courtyard covered with a vault made of glass blocks, supported by a series of laminated wood arches that continue until they are lost in a porch, also covered with glass prisms that open the way for the guest of honor: mother nature. Thus, the tendency toward openness in the complex focuses on our encounter with the jungle; the great guest that makes it presence felt though the wide-open spaces to the rear of the house.

The roof of the structure is in concrete coated with polystyrene, with solar panels facing south, both to provide hot water for domestic use and for the pool. The floors, on the other hand, have radiant heating, which adds to the comfort required for the living room. The lights at the front and rear of the house are powered by photoelectric cells on the rooftop, giving the building an air of ecological intel- ligence.

We have, then, an ecological sensibility that is also expressed in recycling of rainwater trapped on the roof, to then be concentrated in two large gargoyles that channel it into two pools, which, when they overflow, fill an ample cistern used to water the gardens during the dry season, taking the oppor- tunity to create a natural fountain out of recinto negro, which serves as a great mirror reflecting the jungle.

The concept of openness is expressed, on the other hand, in integrated, open spaces that broaden our perspectives, breaking the borderline between inside out, but at the same time achieving total or partial privacy by means of walls that do not touch the vaulted ceilings, beams and frosted glass par- titions that rotate, creating segmented and absolute openings.

Every last detail of the house was thought out and designed with painstaking care, especially the glass washbasins, the countertops, the bookshelves, also in glass and stainless steel, the stainless steel staircases and granite jalousies that act as filters, changing with both natural and electric light- ing.