The adopted concept also reflects an “open construction” condition that understands the use of space relative to time in function of the evolution of future necessities, outlining solutions of great flexibility for enlargements and reforms, according to new uses.
The axis of the complex is defined by the central circulation that interconnects the orthogonal build- ings, destined to be laboratories, as well as the supply axis (“pipe-rack”).
The systems were all conceived for the best use and maximum prevention of aggression to the envi- ronment.
-Appropriate use of solar energy within cost / benefit parameters.
-Use of the rain and the recycling treatment of water.
-Use of seawater intended as an appropriate solution for cooling equipment, avoiding the use of treated or pre treated water with evaporation.
The use of natural light is featured in the architectural proposal in two ways: filtering the direct light
(the sun) by the coverings and vegetation and by the wide incorporation of diffuse light.
With respect to the interior of the buildings, the proposal of mediation of the climatic conditions is marked by two main objectives. Firstly, the maximum use of passive strategies for the acclimatiza – tion, in the periods of favorable external conditions.