An Insulated Concrete Forms Home: A decision that you will prefer for years to come


Home is Stronger with walls made of steel reinforced concrete, monolithic, your home can be made hurricane, tornado and earthquake resistant.

Home is Longer. Lasting no “wood rot”…And concrete lasts for centuries

Home is Quieter. The insulation on the exterior and interior with the concrete barrier provides substantial sound reduction.

Home is Climate Adjusted. An Insulated Concrete Forms concrete home has a “high thermal mass”, which means that the solid concrete core acts as a buffer resisting temperature swings. See diagram on left for more details.

Features of Insulated Concrete Forms

  • Clearly marked nailing strips every 8″ for easy attachments of sheetrock or siding.
  • Nailing strips recessed 1/4″ providing smooth surface for stucco application (crack resistant).
  • Corner blocks with unique (patent pending) outside corner strip.
  • “Course to course” interlock is tight and snug (no gluing and minimal bracing).
  • EPS sidepanels can be easily cut to allow concealed placement of plumbing and electrical lines.
  • Blocks can be cut any height (and remain stable) – leaving less than 1% waste on a job site.
  • Versatility – build concrete walls of any thickness (4″ to 24″ – in 1″ increments)
  • “Brickledge Block” for brick fascia or floor joist support (or both, on the same level

Cost Competitive: Compare cost and performance to any masonry or wood design and you’ll find vertical insulated concrete forms outperforms the competition.

Strength: An industry-leading, full height I-Beam reinforcing vertical system coupled with the strength of concrete creates a load-bearing wall with superior seismic and high wind resistance.

Long Lasting: Insulated concrete is, certainly, the most durable building material in use today. No rotting, no warping, no weather deterioration possible.

Heating & Cooling: TF System’s R-25 insulation value and ability to remove air infiltration translates to very low building heating and cooling costs.

Fire Rating: TF System’s insulated concrete walls have an excellent three-hour fire rating.

Insurance Savings: A savings of up to 30% can be realized because of structural durability and fire resistant characteristics.

Your naked feet will love you… visualize the hot floors and regular warmth all through the house on a cold winter morning… no cold drafts passing through to make you shiver.

Listen to the silence… Because of the broad walls, annoying neighborhood noises like barking dogs, planes flying overhead and early morning lawn mowers are decreased to a whisper. Just visualize your family sleeping peacefully through the noisiest of thunderstorms.

Breathe the clean air… No mold and no air infiltration means allergens and dust are drastically decreased. Think of how much less dusting you will have to do, or how you or someone in your family will be protected from asthma attacks.

Relax more… When the utility bills arrive in the mail, you will be surprised to find that they are half of what you were expecting. With the extra money that is left over at the end of the month, you can finally save for that dream vacation.

What are Insulated Concrete Forms?

Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete forms are made from polystyrene. They are designed to hold concrete in place during the initial pour and remain in place to provide thermal insulation. The forms are stacked, much like Legos, to form the exterior walls. Then, rebar is added to give the walls strength and the concrete is poured between the foam panels.

The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene, coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete, is a powerful combination. These walls are stronger, safer, quieter and highly energy-efficient. It is the perfect substitute for concrete block, wood framing, traditional poured concrete walls, and any other typical material used in construction. It complies and exceeds all applicable building standards and, not to mention, is environmentally friendly.

People everywhere are raving about Insulated Concrete Forms homes… why?

Once you have lived in an Insulated Concrete Forms home, you will certainly never dream of going back to the flimsiness of a wood-framed house. The difference in quality is like comparing a Mercedes to a Kia. There are so many more reasons not to settle for just any home. You will enjoy: A high quality and energy efficient home. A sound resistant home. Lower utility bills. No drafts or cold spots. High fire resistance. Healthy air environment. Tornado resistance. No rot, decay or moldor. Lesser insurance premiums. Top resale worth than your neighbor’s house.

Can I still build my dream house?

Your Insulated Concrete Forms home can look exactly like you want it to look, like any other home, for nearly the same cost as the wood house “Bob the Builder” wants to build for you. From the outside, Insulated Concrete Forms homes look the same as wood framed homes since all finishes, such as brick, stucco and siding, can be used. On the inside, homeowners like the broader walls that provide deep interior window sills for use as window display areas.