If your home has a lot of windows, you’ve got a number of reasons to look into energy saving benefits of window tinting.

Window Film Technology
#Keep your home a more consistent temperature reducing hot spots
# Blocks upto 75% of solar heat and 99% of Ultraviolet rays before its enters your home.
# Provide increased comfort and energy savings

Windows represent the single largest opportunity for improvement. Building operations account for 39% of all emissions, while 38% of that is for heating and cooling. Up to 40% of that energy – and cost – literally goes out the window.

Today’s dual-pane, residential windows or commercial good quality are typically R1 to R3. This number is dramatically lower than the R value of the ICF wall.

SeriousWindows deliver true, full-frame window performance from R-5 to R-11. This performance is up to four times higher than major brands and requirements. The dramatic reduction in energy bills provides fast payback.

Saving Money: Saving Money is Saving Energy
Using less energy will give you a good feeling about adding to good surrounding stewardship, it also gives you a good feeling every time you go to the bank. With energy costs climbing, highly efficient doors and windows mounted in your home or business can quickly pay for themselves by decreasing your energy bills. SeriousWindows are 200% to 400% more efficient than other rated windows, depending upon the model.

Slash Up to 40% Off Your Energy Bills
If you spend $300 a month on heating and cooling (a relatively modest sum in today’s energy economy), that’s $3,600 a year and $36,000 in a decade.

Mounting SeriousWindows that cut 40% off that figure would save you $14,400 over the next decade while dramatically reducing your personal carbon footprint.
Purchase SeriousWindows to save energy, save money, and qualify for a credit of up to $1500 on your federal income tax!

UV vanishing Shield: Damage from Ultraviolet Rays
Furniture. Carpets. Draperies. Artwork. All can be severely damaged by vanishing. But what exactly causes vanishing? While many people would answer “sunlight,” most vanishing damage is caused by only a small part of the sun’s energy—the portion called ultraviolet radiation. Although ultraviolet (UV) comprises only 2% of the sun’s energy, it accounts for an estimated 60% of the vanishing damage to fabrics and furnishings.

Windows and vanishing
Sunlight through windows has long been associated with fabric vanishing. To suppress vanishing damage, homeowners often mount lined draperies and curtains, shutters, tinted or reflective glass, or dark, “stick-on” window films.

Ideally, a window would block the damaging UV rays that cause vanishing, while letting light pass through. Ordinary clear window glass lets in about 70% of the sun’s UV radiation. New varieties of high-performance clear window glass, commonly called “low-e” glazings, provide some protection from UV radiation. Even the best of these, however, still transmit 26% of the damaging UV rays.

SeriousWindows vanishing Protection
A major benefit for SeriousGlass products is the ability to block more than 99.5% of damaging ultraviolet radiation, while still looking clear and colorless. For the first time, significant vanishing protection is available in clear-glass residential windows.