Why LED?

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been used for years, primarily in the electronics industry for circuit board mounted indicator lights Recently, technological advances have expanded the use of LEDs into a variety of fields within the transportation, residential and commercial sectors.

LEDs provide increased brightness, reduced maintenance and offer an energy efficiency operating standard superior to incandescent and halogen lighting products. LEDs are also the lighting option with the lowest environmental impact.

17,ooo hours of testing and sTill going strong.


Did you know that our LED Tube Lights™ use up to 70% less electricity than regular lamps? Our LED Tube Lights™ feature the highest quality LEDs, emitting the same amount of brightness as conventional T series fluorescent lights, but at a substantially reduced cost.

These provide a great source of general illumination, suitable for use in offices, factories, supermarkets, buses, trains, task lighting, store displays, warehouse illumination and under cabinets.


LED wall washer lamp outdoor lighting

Nicely treated die-casting 6063 aluminum alloy housing

3mm tempered glass cover, strong protection and good optical function

High-efficiency PMMA optical lens

Elegant appearance

Compact size for narrow space installation

Super slim design

Adjustable mounting angle for free projection

Pure spectrum, no UV

Compatible with DMX512 protocol


Powerful wide angle LED spotlight and flood light bulbs are IP65 rated. Can be used in many applications outdoors including motion sensitive and light sensitive security lighting.


LED Spot Light LED : Features:

1. Environment-friendly

2. Energy saving

3. Ultra shock resistant

4. Protection grade: IP67

5. Lifespan: More than 50, 000 hours

6. Can make dynamic and beautiful scenes

Widely used for decorative or illumination lighting in gardens, streets, square, villa, parks, lawns, super markets, parking lots, tourist attractions, and amusement places


LED recessed lights using Quality LEDs for home and office down lighting applications. These are designed as flush ceiling down lights and install easily with spring clips. There is no need for any external housing. They come standard with a silver color aluminum fitting and toughened glass covering. Chrome or colors are also available. While adding ambiance these lights are also highly efficient due to the lens and added light control capabilities of LEDs.
Of course, all the benefits of LED lighting apply such as longer life and less energy use, no flicker, no hum, no UV, no IR, and no mercury. The lights are worldwide compatible 100-240 VAC. Certifications: CE, RoHS.


LED‘s are very cheap to manufacture, are very efficient, and typically last for around 50,000 to 100,000 hours (5-10 years continuous use) which is far in excess of CFL and incandescent light bulbs. However LED bulbs suffer from one major disadvantage: Each individual LED sends light out in a very straight line whereas an incandescent or CFL bulb sends light out equally in all directions.


Underwater Lights are the world leaders in underwater LED lighting technology. Aqualuma’s extensive range of high quality LED lights are the best in the business, with many of the world’s top boats (motoryacht, superyacht, sportsfisher, jetski, PWC), dock, jetty and marina complexes


High power LED underground light, used forunderground etc. Color changing or single illumination. …Now our LED products are all good at …waterproof. …Constant Current Source to last the life of LED.

LED Underground light / Floor light

01) RGB, High brightness

02) Long life, over 50, 000 hours of usable life

03) Energy efficient, consume 80% less power compare to neon systems

04) Durable, operates in both extremes of temperature for many outdoor environments

05) Waterproof, IP rating is IP65.

06) Easy installation. Controller and program are easy to operate.

07) Low maintenance

08) 1 year limited warranty

09) System works in many countries (24V DC)

Benefits of LED Lights Technology
  • Long Life 50,000+ hours of operation
  • Reduce electricity use by more than 75%
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Vibration resistant solid-state electronics
  • Low heat generation
  • Eliminates heat damage to fixtures & sockets
  • Variety of color temperatures available
  • Longer Life than Incandescence Bulb and halogen bulb
  • Solid State, High Shock/Vibration Resistant
  • No UV,No RF Interference, Mercury Free
  • Moisture-proof.
  • Rated to Operate from -30°C to 45°C, Perfect for Environments with Extreme Climates
  • Wide voltage and constant current design
  • CE, ROHS approval

LED Bulb Light gives off directional light, so the light goes where you aim it. LED Bulb Light is closer to the color of daylight – which new studies suggest is good for staying alert. 3NLED Bulb Light can be used to replace your standard fluorescent or halogen light Bulb. The bright, white LED light produced by our LED Bulb Light works especially well for task lighting and reading lighting. LED not only produce light more efficiently, they also have a tiny mirror that reflects light in one direction. A more directed light means less wasted light.

The best way to start using our long life LED Bulb is to try one first. Swap out a regular bulb on your porch, in a ceiling can, task or accent light, or maybe replace a bulb that you leave on at night. To get familiar with LED Bulb Light, we recommend you experiment with different lighting combinations and see how their reduced light output works for you. 3NLED Bulb Light has Edison style bases and will fit your existing Lamp and fixtures. With LED Bulb Light and just a bit of planning you can create a more interesting lighting environment while cutting down on your electric bill. Be sure to call us for more 3NLED Bulb Light information.


Led Tx tube light is a kind of innovative and energy-saving product that replaces the traditional Tx tubes.

3NLED lighting Co., Ltd is one of the leader manufacturers specializing in led Tx tube light, The led Tx tube light has got the UL certification by some customers,

Our LED Tx tube light is salable in the USA market, we have some long term customers selling thousands of tubes every month, and some projects are for the Fortune 500 Company, the LED Tx tube has been receipted by the USA market.

The quality is superior and worthy of the name, the luminous efficiency is approx 96lm/w, and 70Lux/3m height, better than the like products in the market.

Superior heat releasing and durable due to great structure design that is Aluminum board + Aluminum housing, that’s why 3NLED tube has the best solution to release the heat, to lengthen the life time.

Ultra-Efficient Lighting

Compared to conventional technologies, LED Lighting can supply the same quantity of light using as little as 10 to 15% of the power. This huge reduction in energy consumption can enable consumers to save hundreds of dollars over the life of each light.

The cost of LED lighting: A LED Lighting downlight can change a sixty five watts light while using only 10.5 watts. In its 50,000 hour lifetime it will consume about 525 kilowatts, costing about $63. During that time, it will never need to be replaced.

The cost of incandescent lighting: A usual sixty five watts light lasts for 2,000 hours. To match the light longevity and output of a LED downlight Lighting , conventional lighting would consume 3250 kilowatts, and need to be replaced about 25 times, costing over $465.

Never Change Another Bulb

LED Lighting are intended to last for more than 50,000 hours. Incredible longevity means that you might never change another light again.

A generation of light: What is 50,000 hours? It is 50 times the life of a typical incandescent bulb and 5 times the lifetime of an average compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). In fact, if you ran one lamp for 6 hours per day every day, it would last for nearly 23 years.

Reduce maintenance and labor: We all have at least one bulb that is hard to reach and needs a ladder or a pole to replace it. For a houseowner, 50x longer life than incandescent bulbs means 50 fewer chances to fall off a ladder. For a building owner, it means significantly labor expenses and less maintenance.

Beautiful, Comfortable Light

Gorgeous lighting: Experience all the advantages of incandescent lighting, without environmental impact or high energy costs.

lights have a higher color rendering, so everything under them looks more vibrant and lifelike. Choose cool or warm lighting. Warm lighting provides a luxurious and traditional feeling that homeowners have come to imagine. Cool lighting creates an effective work environment or brings a contemporary look to a home.

No hotspots, No glare: lights are designed to blend seamlessly with any architecture. The proprietary reflector system and diffusing lens deliver an finest light dissemination that slowly clean walls and adequately illuminates work surfaces. LEDs are not visible, so you won’t be distracted by hotspots or glare. The only thing you’ll encounter is life beneath glowing light, beautiful.